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  1. suej says:

    I like this, Ileana! the contrast between the old and the new…


  2. Great picture Ileana. Looks like your having a good summer over there too. 🙂


    • Thanks Arran! I do not know if you noticed, but in the bottom right of the picture you will see the signature of the street artist you asked me some time ago, remember (Aeul)?
      Otherwise, yes, it is very hot in Bucharest. Lucky that we have almost every week a storm that washes the city and cools a little … 🙂


      • ah ha, yes, I do remember that. Same guy? very interesting, good connection. I love all this documenting of your home town Ileana, I find it really interesting and like the whole sensibility behind the pictures and the choice of locations and details. So keep up the great work, yes? 🙂


      • Be sure I will do that, Arran! Thank you for this kind message! 🙂


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