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  1. I miss Bucharest so bad.


    • Seriously? What do you miss in Bucharest, maybe I can send you at least one picture … 🙂


      • terasas, all the beautiful chicks, tuica, Ursus, all the little stores, placinta cu mere, placinta cu branza, placinta cu dovleac, the subway, parcul tineretului, herastrau, romana, victoria, sudului, mici, sarmale, all the beautiful chicks, the trams, the trolleys, the buses, gypsies selling bananas, little by little learning Romanian, streets active with people, traffic…. I could go on. Pictures will only arouse the pain in a deeper place.


      • Hmmm … Now I understand … The only solution would be a TAROM ticket 🙂


      • and the solution to that is to save some money or find a way to work for someone there. I love the atmosphere and attitude. Lots of spunk in everything.


      • That’s true! Spunk is the perfect word!
        Saving some money could be a little bit difficult, but finding a job it’s not impossible. So, go for it! 🙂


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