Jumatate tu, jumatate eu

Jumatate tu, jumatate eu








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7 Responses to Jumatate tu, jumatate eu

  1. tikerscherk says:

    Really interesting language. Similar to other roman languages and yet so different.


  2. kardamomgirl says:

    Amazing! I love Bucharest:)


  3. John says:

    So these are real, side-by-side residences? They aren’t Photoshopped?

    That’s pretty cool. Keeps everything from looking the same. I imagine after all the years of Communist “everything looks the same”, being able to paint your house pink or gold must be a grand feeling!

    Love this series of shots!


    • Thanks John, you are one of my most attentive followers, so I do thank you! First of all, I never use photoshop. And yes, Bucharest it’s a very surprising city and as mall the people say, very contrastant. Communism left its scars everywhere, especially in people.It is not very long we are “free”, that makes that we want everything fast, now. We are on “fast forward”. 🙂
      Many people copy the West, most in a wrong way maybe. I would say that it looks like some Romanian lack that “time” when things and education can produce an effect. My English is not so good, I do hope you understood what I wanted to say.


      • John says:


        Thank you for your thoughtful reply … your English is just fine. I understand what you are trying to say.

        And, your pictures speak very clearly as well … you convey your thoughts with your photos. It’s very clear that you love your city, and that you appreciate its old and new beauty.

        And… we Americans want everything fast and now too. 🙂 We seem to have more than most, yet we always want ‘more’ and ‘more’.


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