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  1. mickscogs says:

    You paint Bucharest so beautifully with your camera. My wife and I are travelling to Europe next year. Should we visit Bucharest? I am seriously considering it.


    • That’s so nice … If you are really taking this seriously then I have to write you a little bit more. Bucharest it’s a city of contrasts and as tourist April-May seems to be the perfect time to come visit it. I will be glad to tell you more about it or give you some tips. Anyway, you’ll have me here as a Romanian friend. So, write to me if you are still interested and what do you intend to see in Romania. So glad that my pictures led you to think come here! This made my day … 🙂
      All my best to you and your wife!

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  2. mickscogs says:

    Thankyou Illeana, I am serious but I will need to convince Jo, my wife. Also, I’ll need to talk to travel agents etc. to see if it is all possible/feasible: Because we are initially travelling with two other couples, we probably won’t be coming until August/September – I hope this is still OK. Anyway I won’t badger you anymore until I know more. Thank you.


    • Welcome and write to me if you have any questions or need an advice.
      It doesn’t bothered me at all, on the contrary, I am pleased to hear that you are interested in my city.
      So, good luck in making beautiful plans,


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