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  1. We had the opportunity to visit Bucharest this summer! My kids were there for several days, but Thom and I only had half a day there. I really enjoyed the city, though. I felt we had only just scratched the surface.

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  2. It was such a rush–we flew in, were met at the airport by our kids, who were there doing research for university. We took the bus with them back in to the city to see a dinner show at La Grandina, also a part of their project, and then left by taxi for Brashov late that night. On the way to dinner we popped our heads into the beer hall and paid a quick visit to the lovely Stavropoleos Church. We didn’t get to Brashov until 1AM, driving in the dark. Thom and the kids fell asleep, but I was too afraid to. The poor driver was sleepy that I tried to keep up a conversation so he wouldn’t fall asleep. It was a challenge because we were both tired and he wasn’t comfortable speaking English. So we made a caffeine stop for coffee and cola, which helped. I will definitely let you know when we go back, and we probably will, as my sister goes almost every year. I would like to go some year in October, when it is cooler and the leaves are changing.


    • I understand! But now you know that I’m here and next time you can definetely tell me if you want to try to know a little Bucharest or just need an advice! October is much better than these summer months …

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  3. Thank you so much. If we get back to Bucharest, I will let you know, and we would love to take you out to lunch or dinner and learn more about Bucharest and Romania from you.


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